Next Steps

Our desire is to help you take one step closer to Jesus because the presence of God changes lives.

Nobody has it all figured out, even those who have known Jesus for a long time, so we encourage you to focus on your next step. If you have questions or want help determining your next step, contact us and we would love to help you figure that out!

Salvation is a scary word to some people, but its meaning is central to what we do and why we celebrate. Because of our sin, we are separated from God, but God made a way through Jesus. Salvation means freedom. Salvation means a relationship with God. We can receive salvation by trusting in Jesus through faith. As soon as you make this decision, your spirit is made clean, and the Spirit of God begins to lead you to become like Jesus in the way you live your life.



This is your first act of obedience as a follower of Jesus. There is nothing magical about baptism. Much like a wedding ring is a symbol in marriage, baptism is a public expression of the inward change that has happened in your life. For many people, this can be a great opportunity to use their story to make a difference in the lives of their family and friends.

If you are new to Wellspring or want to learn more about the church, please join Pastor Chuck Sunday morning at 10:00 am for breakfast where he will share the vision of the church and his heart for the ministry. 

Wanting to learn more about membership and serving, come to Discover Wellspring the first Sunday of the month after the 10:30 service for lunch and a time of discovering your gifts and passions and how you can get involved.



life groups

Lifegroups are a great place to build relationships and friendships that can last a lifetime. Our groups are primarily discussion based because we learn and grow better by being a part of the conversation. Some groups are based around discussion of the weekly message while some are based around a specific subject matter or curriculum. Here are some of the general types of groups we offer.

Sermon Based





Curriculum Based


Leadership Training



The Dream Team is where you can put everything into practice. No matter who you are or how God made you, there is a place at Wellspring to use your unique gifts and passions to make an impact in the church, our community, and all around the world. In addition to getting to serve, you can also build some incredible relationships with the people who serve along side you. The Dream Team, together with lifegroups, is the best place to form lasting friendships, make an impact that goes beyond yourself, and grow into the amazing future that God has for you.

dream team



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